I. Operator of website:

Mediservis Czuczor s.r.o.
Address: Konopná 2, Nové Zámky 940 02
IČO: 50644939
DIČ: 2120401437
IČ DPH: SK2120401437

The operator is receiving the General Personal Datas through website

  • We are collecting and proceeding the personal data with care according by law §19 ods.1 a 2 by law 18/2018 Z.z Law about personal datas in accordance with article 13 Regulation by European Parlaiment and Council (EÚ) 2016/679 about protecting individual persons personal datas and the free movement these datas
  • All the General Datas are saved in secured system
  • Every person who is getting contact with the datas from the operators side, are fully schooled about the GDPR and are bound by secrecy
  • We are depositing only those datas, which are needed to fulfill the purpose
  • You can cancel any time your permission to using your datas by us, or your e-mail communication with us, by mail, letter or personally

II. Purpose of processing personal datas

  • Purpose of processing Personal datas(PD) is settlements, the necessity of PD for provision of goods in conformity with the contract as a letter of intent. These are: acceptance and processing the order, issue of an invoice and documents, evidence of payments, sending the goods etc.
  • Purpose for accounting, to solve complaints and reclamations, eventually for law issues
  • Purpose for sending information about our products, within the scope of direct marketing, if we have your permission
  • Purpose of processing personal datas are also identifying the customers as well

III. List of General personal datas

Range of general PD is mineralized, we are using just those datas which are important and essential for fulfill our services. We are working with PD of our customers and potential customers as well, who gave us approval via e-mail, e-shop or personally.

List of PD categories:

  • Basic data (full name, title, address, IČO, DIČDPH)
  • Contact data (e-mail address, phone number, contact address)
  • Information about products, which were bought by customers
  • Records of e-mail communications, in electronic or paper form
  • Transactional datas, (paying methods)

IV. Voluntariness of giving the PD

  • The operator is capturing only those PD of customers, which are necessary to fulfillment of obligation, which the customers ask for, because he/she is waiting to receive the product or service
  • Working with the PD is necessary for fulfill the contract in case the customer is one of the contracting party
  • Customer alleged his/hers permission for one or more purpose to use PD because of his/hers request to gibe personalized offer for it from the operator
  • We are working with these PD just until the request is executed or until the general principles of law gives us the permission

V. Advertising of PD

We are not releasing the collected PD of our customers and potential customers, but some of PD could be given to the following third parties:

  • Shipping companies and post offices
  • Law firms, advisers, judges
  • Executorsi
  • Courts and authorities in criminal procedures
  • Accommodation bureau and tax consultants

VI. Informations about data transmition abroad

  • The operator is not forwarding any of the personal data to third countries or to international organizations

VII. Period of keeping PD

  • In case of approval, for unidentified period until canceling, but in any case just for 24 months from approval
  • In lawful cases, until bought product or service has the life cycle
  • Contractual agreement, period of time of the agreement, including guarantee period and complaint conditions
  • Legal duties, period of time what the law gives you (accounting law, tax law etc.)

VIII. Rights and duties of aggrieved person

Customer as aggrieved person has the right to:

  • Correction
  • Deleting
  • To undo his permission
  • Limiting of usage of his/hers PD
  • Required to give consistent and accurate datas
  • Access to his/her PD
  • Portability of his/hers PD
  • File a complaint to authorities

IX. Contact information and where and how can you applying your rights

By phone +421 35 6426353, writing a letter to address: Konopná 2, 940 02 Nové Zámky, by mail:

For the request we are giving feedback as soon as possible within 30 days from the request!