Chirana CHEESE Easy / SU/ Stacionar

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The dental unit Chirana EASY is delivered in standard white color combinated with colour dental chair in accordance with customer demand. Optionaly we offer the colour solution of dental unit as well.

This dental unit offers optionaly arm for LED monitor and intraoral camera or two versions of arms for tray-table. Dentist’s table can be integrated directly at panthographic arm of dental unit or optionaly at Cheese EASY mobile cart (SU version). Chirana CHEESE Easy dental unit is available in stationary version independent from dental chair as well.

Dentist’s table:
The varaible dentist´s table with lower guidance of hoses or upper guidance of hoses (whips), with simple foil keyboard including X-ray viewer and the possibility of 5 instruments equipment

Rated supply voltage 230V ~, 220V ~ (110V ~) ± 10%
Rated frequency 50 - 60 Hz ± 2%
Max. Power at 50 Hz (without chair) 450 VA
Inlet air pressure 0,5 MPa (+0,2; -0,03) MPa
Atmospheric pressure 70,0 kPa to 106,0 kPa
Inlet water pressure 0.6 MPa (-0.3) MPa
Water hardness from 8.4 dH to 12 dH
Inlet water temperature <25 C
Water temperature for the cup (when water is heated) 40 ° C (-10) ° C
Ambient temperature + 10oC ÷ + 40oC
Relative air humidity 30% ÷ 78%
Degree of protection against electric shock. Stream B
Type of protection against electric shock. Current (fixed installation) I
Degree of protection IP X1C
Weight without armchair <80 kg
Max. Additional loading of the physician's table 2 kg
Max. Additional tray tray load per column 3 kg